Insider FiresideTM Chat

A security-conversational approach to reinforce loyalty in trust relationships within high-risk insider employee and contractor populations.

  • Non-hostile conversation is typically conducted 1:1 with researchers and others with access to trade secrets to expressly communicate the expectations regarding how trade secrets and other proprietary information assets are to be handled within the organization.

Inventor WatchTM Report

A relational mapping of a researcher’s professional network through analysis of open source publications, including patent application disclosures, academic literature citations and other peer-to-peer publications.

  • Reports can identify potentially-harmful relationships between a researcher and hostile organizations, competitors and individuals
  • Reports are typically conducted post-employment to determine the whereabouts and exposure of a client’s trade secret information (i.e, did your former researcher take your R&D trade secrets to a competitor?)

Inventor Check ReportTM

An employment or position-required assessment report that identifies suspicious and/or potentially-harmful relationships between a researcher and known or suspected hostile organizations (intelligence or security organizations), competitors and/or individuals.

Reports are typically conducted post-offer to determine the risk-rating of insider threat, including the risk of an inbound trade secret transfer, so that specific intervention and training can be assigned to the individual