Insider Fireside™ Chat

A security-conversational approach to reinforce loyalty in trust relationships within high-risk insider employee and contractor populations. Contact Trust Farm for more information.

Inventor Watch™ Report

A relational mapping of a researcher’s professional network through analysis of open source publications, including patent application disclosures, academic literature citations and other peer-to-peer publications.

  • Reports can identify potentially-harmful relationships between a researcher and hostile organizations, competitors and individuals
  • Reports are typically conducted post-employment to determine the whereabouts and exposure of a client’s trade secret information (i.e, did your former researcher take your R&D trade secrets to a competitor?)

Inventor Check™ Report

An employment or position-required assessment report that identifies suspicious and/or potentially-harmful relationships between a researcher and known or suspected hostile organizations (intelligence or security organizations), competitors and/or individuals.

Reports are typically conducted post-offer to determine the risk-rating of insider threat, including the risk of an inbound trade secret transfer, so that specific intervention and training can be assigned to the individual